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Lytech Company

Lytech Co. Ltd. is a privately held russian biotechnology company located in Moscow with the main focus on the development and production of the reagent  kits for the PCR-based diagnostics of infections and SNP-genotyping. Having its own R&D department Lytech has a constantly growing portfolio of more than 350 PCR-based test kits for different diagnostics purposes.
Lytech provides the unique instrumental solutions for the customers located in Russia and CIS countries doing their research in life science (proteomics, metabolomics, genomics, etc.).
In recent years Lytech has become a strong player on clinical microbiology market providing the mass spectrometry solutions for the fast and reliable microorganism identification as well as the extended application support for this products.
In 2014 Lytech has launched MALDI BactoSCREEN - a solution for MALDI-TOF based microorganism identification and AST. The core of the system is the unique identification SW by Lytech and the MALDI-TOF hardware platform from Scientific Analysis Instruments Ltd.
Lytech has own clinical diagnostics laboratory providing the diagnostics services (like blood biochemistry, haematology, immunochemical tests, ELISA & PCR tests for infectious diseases, genotyping, etc.).
Lytech has a distributor partnership with
  • Scientific Analysis Instruments (www.saiman.co.uk) for its mass spectrometry products for life science and chemical analysis
  • Giles Scientific Inc. (microbiology analysers, www.biomic.com)
  • Moor Instruments for Laser Doppler Imaging systems (www.moor.co.uk).

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